Contemporary painting
The Anarchist Drive 2022
Oil on canvas
120 110 cm

Visual artist

Erik Sigerud is a visual artist who creates art that combines figuration and abstraction. His artwork captures both concrete and elusive elements, exploring the dynamic relationship between politics and emotions in his paintings.

Figuration and abstraction in art

Sigerud’s art reflects contemporary life and society, portraying the complexities of our world. He uses both figuration and abstraction to delve into the exploration of fear and psychological tensions. Through his art, Sigerud aims to foster a deeper understanding of the emotional complexities that underpin human interactions.

Relationship between politics and emotions in art

One of the defining features of Sigerud’s artistic expression is his exploration of the relationship between politics and emotions. His paintings invite viewers to contemplate how collective narratives and individual feelings intertwine, sparking a dialogue about the forces that shape our society.

Exploration of fear and psychological tensions in society

Sigerud’s artwork delves into the exploration of fear and psychological tensions in society. His pieces shed light on the anxieties that permeate our daily lives. By confronting viewers with these realities, Sigerud prompts introspection and dialogue about the world we inhabit.

Connection between art and collective narratives

Through his artwork, Sigerud explores the connection between art and collective narratives. His paintings offer a unique perspective on how our shared stories and personal experiences shape our society. By sparking dialogue and contemplation, Sigerud’s art encourages viewers to consider the interplay between individual emotions and the larger cultural context.