Artist statement


My artwork revolves around figuration and abstraction, capturing places and human interactions. It represents the intangible concepts that exist between language and reality, reflecting my personal mental concepts. Through these paintings, I delve into the link between my identity and the surrounding world. By incorporating personal symbols, I aim to create an image of the culture I live in. Moreover, my paintings explore the intricate relationship between politics and emotions, as well as the connection between a collective and its individuals. As a result, my artwork often portrays dystopian scenes filled with psychological tension, inviting viewers to engage with their own imaginations.


Using oil as my primary medium, I also experiment with various types of paint. I draw inspiration from diverse sources, including other artworks and political definitions. To create my paintings, I combine images from my sketchbooks, 3D models, family photo albums, as well as media and the internet. Through a layering of styles and a fusion of disparate visual elements, I strive to evoke a sense of uncertainty both visually and mentally. Additionally, I explore the interplay between the painted surface and the representation within the painting. While I initially plan my paintings using software like Photoshop, the execution process takes control, leading the artwork in unexpected directions.


My paintings serve as platforms for contemplation, enabling me to explore the relationship between appearance and reality, thought and language. I challenge dominant narratives and investigate the gaps between collective stories and subjective perceptions, bridging the divide between the public and private spheres.

I delve into different manifestations of fear within society. Firstly, my own fears of fascism, growing injustice, and climate change drive my artistic inquiries. Secondly, I examine how fear of change and fear of the Other influence voting patterns, highlighting the reciprocal influence between individuals and the collective. Lastly, I explore the impact of fear and psychological tensions on social interactions, delving into the divide between personal mental images, communication attempts, and understanding. I aim to understand how emotions shape both individual and collective images, ultimately influencing political change.

In summary, I engage in a quasi-psychoanalytical exploration of contemporary life and society through my art. By reflecting the connections and absurdities I encounter, I aim to stimulate the viewer’s mind.