Artist statement

With my paintings I explore ways to give form to my abstract thoughts and understandings. Partly about what it means to live. Partly about the connection between the individual and society. Partly about which driving forces, desires and emotions drive political change. Mainly in terms of ecological, social and economic sustainability. I see my motifs as mental spaces between reality and language.

I look for connections between world events and my personal experiences. My goal is to express my understanding of the present. To better understand these themes, I reflect on my own experiences and those of my community, acting as a quasi-psychoanalyst. Through my paintings I strive to paint a mental quagmire without dictating how to think or act. I hope my paintings encourage the viewer to wander and explore their own thoughts.

I find solace in painting dystopias, as they provide a glimpse into the present and a warning for the future. They also serve as a reminder of the resilience of nature, even in the bleakest of circumstances.

My paintings often depict psychological tensions and encounters between people. Or they may represent an unpleasant and palpable lack of interpersonal encounters.