Artist statement

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In my paintings, I build up scenes of psychological tension between introverted people. As well as an unspoken story of a looming undefined threat that contrasts the familiar.

The paintings represent personal symbols of meetings or the absence of a meeting. Like, for example, separated ideas that create each other. As the relationship between thought, language, and reality. Or between different people’s perceptions of reality. Or the connection between an individual and a group of people.

In summary, my work is about gaps and connections. Between appearance and the real. Also, I ask whether there are natural driving forces that affect political change. As a result, I have based my recent work on questions about how fear affects political results. When I work with these subjects, I start with myself and the culture I live in. 

In summary, I try to make sense of the very confusing desires and habits of today. When I do this, I see myself as a quasi-psychoanalyst with my community of people and myself on the couch.

My interest in fear stems from my struggles with social anxiety. But I only became interested in fear when I became afraid of some social changes. Like, for example, the man-made, terrible destruction of the environment. And the rise of political parties linked to fascism.

My goal is to communicate my understanding of the ever-changing present. And to define unclear connections between world events and my own experiences. A goal is also to paint a mental quagmire without explicit instructions on how to think or act. Instead, I hope my paintings can make the mind wander.

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