Visual artist

Visual Artist

Based in Stockholm, I earned my Diplôme national supérieur d’arts plastiques from Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2004. My art explores encounters, blending contrasts to connect the individual with the collective.

Originally from Västerås and Falun, I shaped my artistic journey in Paris and Berlin under Vladimir Veličković and Dominique Gauthier at Beaux-Arts de Paris.

My paintings, with collage-like layers, depict dystopian scenes, showcased in notable exhibitions like “Reality” at Runö, Åkersberga (2018), “Levels of Intentionality” at Tyresö Art Gallery (2016), and “Different Rooms” at Galleri Box, Gothenburg (2012).

Collaborations have enriched my narrative, including a public conversation with artist Kristina Jansson in 2011 and participation in group exhibitions like “Moving Art Project” across ten cities in Sweden (2016).

My current and future work focuses on the absurdity of life, exploring the interplay between human emotions, societal constructs, and political change. I portray the paradox of life’s transience against ever-changing social norms, creating dystopian scenes in my artwork.

In the realm of contemporary art, I navigate the complex interplay between abstract and figurative elements, offering a thought-provoking journey into the multifaceted aspects of contemporary life and society.

My meticulous planning involves sketches on paper or digitally. Using Photoshop, I construct and plan each layer, allowing for experimentation during the painting process. Cultural symbolism permeates my work, engaging viewers to contemplate societal trends and norms.

My paintings represent visual and mental uncertainty, inspired by The emancipated spectator. The goal is to contribute to discussions about art, painting, and cultural tendencies, offering viewers a platform for contemplation and exploration.

I draw inspiration from artists like Julie Mehretu, Katharina Grosse, Mark Lombardi, and others, continually pushing the boundaries of my own artistic expression.

Over the years, I’ve held numerous solo and group exhibitions, receiving awards such as a two-year working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee in 2018, reflecting recognition of my contribution to the contemporary art scene.

As a Swedish contemporary artist based in Stockholm, my journey is an ongoing exploration of encounters, contrasts, and the symbiotic relationship between art and society. Join me in navigating the complexities of contemporary life through the lens of my paintings.