Artist statement

My art usually manifests itself in paintings. I also do audio works, performances, videos, and installations.

I paint a mix of figurative and abstract styles. The paintings often depict mental and public spaces. In these spaces, personal experiences interact with official stories of the public sphere.

I explore how human interactions, norms and the conditions of life create an image of reality. I put my experiences and my commitments in relation to social structures, political events and natural laws.

I also play with the representation versus the composition and the surface versus the content. The relationship between the concept and the craftsmanship is central to the work. The goal is that the concept and the execution will be the same. I would like my work to manage without a linguistic contextualization. At the same time, I want my work to relate to the here and now.

But why!!!???

  1. Why I paint what I do.
    • Because I want to make a conceptual painting that is as interesting as a painting as it is interesting as a concept.
  2. Why?
    • Because I don't want the painting to be reduced to only a painting and I don't want the painting to be dependent on the concept.
  3. Why?
    • Because I want to make something related to here and now and to contemporary art. Also I want the use of painting to have meaning without falling back on modernist ways of regarding painting.
  4. Why?
    • Because I see contemporary art as an important discussion about how to relate to politics, life and art. I want to be part of this discussion and I have chosen to work with painting.


Erik Sigerud Painting